Passover Book-Frogs in the Bed


"One morning when Pharaoh awoke in his bed, there were frogs in his bed and frogs on his head." This humorously illustrated version of the popular seder song, "One Morning (The Frog Song)," by Shirley Cohen Steinberg, helps build excitement before the Passover seder and then keeps children engaged during the seder.A combination storybook and activity book, Frogs in the Bed is built around key moments in the seder to encourage young children to participate, no matter which haggadah you use.

Seder Symbol Strings helps children follow the naming of all the items on the seder plate
Four Cups explains the use of wine or juice during the seder
Mah Nishtanah provides the Four Questions in Hebrew, transliteration and English translation
Maggid and Miracles: A Passover Comic recounts the story of Exodus in graphic story form
Quiet table activities give little hands something to do that is in keeping with the seder
Includes directions for making a sparkly Elijah's cup and a template for creating your own jumping frog. Sheet music for One Morning (The Frog Song) is also included.

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