Azoulay Ketubah-Siman Tov


"Siman Tov. May this be an auspicious time." is the fervent cry that follows the breaking of the glass at the marriage ceremony. It is an expression of the shared joy of the celebrants and their heartfelt wishes for the bride and groom's future. The Siman Tov ketubah is a delicate paper cut reminiscent of fine Belgian lace.

There is exquisite detail in the weave of the motifs and in the application of the 24- karat gold leaf. This symphony of decorative elements creates a harmonious composition, as are our wishes for the new couple's shared life. 

Dimensions: 17 1/4" W x 17 1/4" H

Pricing includes the backing and matting of the ketubah making it ready for your wedding.

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