Azoulay Ketubah- Green Woods


The visual metaphor of the coming together of the bride and groom and the fusion of their separate lives becoming one is particularly poignant in the Green Woods ketubah. The two trees flanking the ketubah's text are separate entities, and yet, their roots grow towards each other, meet and begin to intertwine. Above, their branches and leaves spread out and unite to create a canopy; a bridge in the sky with the words from Song of Songs: I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine. Below, a shelter is formed by the foliage above, providing a place where two deer may find refuge and seek repose. 

This simple image encapsulates the hopes and aspirations of the new couple, who come to each other as individuals, making a bond that strengthens one another, as they grow while sharing their life together.

The words from Song of Songs 2:2-3 form a border around the ketubah:
Like the rose maintaining its beauty among the thorns, so is my beloved... Like the fragrant apple among the barren trees of the forest, so is my beloved Lithograph with hand-applied 24 karat gold A limited edition, numbered and signed by the artist.

Dimensions: 15" x 21

Pricing includes the backing and matting making the ketubah ready to display at your wedding.  

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