Azoulay Ketubah- Hadas (Myrtle Leaves)


The Hadas (Myrtle Leaves) Ketubah by Danny Azoulay, in its simplicity of design, is an elegant and sophisticated artwork. The myrtle leaf — a symbol of love and marriage — spirals outward and continuously encircles the ketubah text. With each circle the myrtle leaves grow larger and stronger, symbolic of the expansive nature of the bride and groom's ever-deepening love.

Clarity of form and color, combined with succinct visual imagery render a ketubah of grace and refinement. The Hadas is a giclee print and paper cut, embellished with hand applied 24-karat gold leaf

Dimensions: 17 1/4" W x 17 1/4" H

Pricing includes the backing and matting making the ketubah ready to display at your wedding, 

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