Azoulay Ketubah- Circle of Life (Maagaley Chayim)


The Circle of Life Ketubah, with its vivacious paper cut design, brims with organic movement. Fragile blue petals, encircling the text, join together to create a stylized flower, while delicate bushes extend outward in a burst of growth. These intertwining elements remind us of the intertwining lives of the bride and groom.

An outer band of decorative motifs, enhanced with 24- karat gold leaf, enclose the composition and give the ketubah a doily-like effect. The Circle of Life is a fanciful interpretation of the rhythmic flow of life's diverse elements that move with continual change only to flow together into an overall and unified pattern.

Dimensions: 16" H x 16" W

Pricing includes backing and matting making the ketubah ready to display at your wedding.

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