Amalya Nini Ketubah-Doves


Doves, the symbol of peace and loyalty surround the text. In the center is a rose garden within a landscape of Jerusalem. 

The whole book of Song of Songs is written in micrography, with delicate gold leaves and David's harps in the 4 corners of the design.

 Above the Ketuba text is the verse, "I am my beloved, my beloved is mine, who is grazing among the roses".

On the bottom, under two entwined rooted trees, the quote " I shall betroth you to me with faith, with grace, and with justice" , paraphrased from Hoshea

Love, music, and loyalty are the themes of this Ketubah.

This ketubah can be mounted on plexiglass at an additional cost of $100.00.

The personalization by the artist is an additional $100.00.

When ordering, please indicate text desired.  Call us at 516-437-5466 and we will send you a form to fill out all the pertinent information. 


Size:20X20 Inches

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