Azoulay Ketubah- Silhouette Blue


I betroth you forever; I betroth you in righteousness, law, grace and compassion, Hosea: 2:21 

The Silhouette Ketubah is a work of energy and excitement. The wreath of intertwining foliage and tulips (in Persia the tulip was considered a declaration of love) are woven together in the spirit of a lively dance of organic growth. The design’s beauty is enhanced by an emphasis of its contours, accomplished through a careful juxtaposition of the paper cut’s multicolored layers. Although just a hint of the underlying color cut is visible, together the layers create a lovely harmony of tonal hues. The words from Hosea and Ani L’dodi Li/I am my Beloved and my Beloved is mine from Song of Songs, form an outer ring encircling the Silhouette’s text and artwork.

Three-layer paper-cut on fine acid-free paper: hand embellished with genuine platinum /23 karat gold leaf. A limited edition: each ketubah is numbered and signed by the artist.

Dimensions: 17.5 diameter

Pricing includes backing and matting making the ketubah ready to display at your wedding.  



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