Ayala Bar

Ayala Bar is one of today's premier Israeli Jewelry designers. Designed to accentuate a women's femininity, she skillfully designs vivid jewelry that has been recognized globally for its timeless beauty. each piece is exciting and stimulating and will make you stand out wherever you go. Her innovative designs blend natural elements, beads, swarovski crystals, stones and glass with assorted metals and fabrics. Her unique style has been referred to as “Art Deco Meets Middle East”. Each line of jewelry is handcrafted to bring with it a flare uncommon in other jewelry which makes her works so prized. Ayala Bar jewelry is designed at the artist's studio in Givatayim, a suburb of Tel Aviv. The artist has emerged as one of Israel's leading handcrafted jewelry designers, after graduating from art school in the 1980's and pursuing an eclectic career in theater and interior designs.