Amy Fagin

Amy Fagin created 20th Century Illuminations in 1985. "The illuminated manuscript as contemporary art" is the underlying principal and framework which inspires all creative material designed by 20th Century Illuminations. With 20th Century Illuminations, Ms Fagin's body of work explores and re-defines the fundamentals of manuscript illumination as a thoroughly contemporary art form. 

Amy Fagin ketubot come in the following texts: Conservative (with Lieberman Clause)/English, Aramaic/English, Modern Hebrew/English, Commitment Vows, Anniversary Vows English/Hebrew, Anniversary English Vows, Contemporary English Vows, Traditional English Vows.  

When ordering, please indicate text desired.  For personalization, please add $80.00.   Call us at 516-437-5466 and we will send you a form to fill out all the pertinent information.